Monday, May 28, 2007

Leo and Exta-Irish Dave Reel in the Run to Remember

Gamblin' Leo Fahey and his pal and new NETTer Extra-Irish Dave Burney hustled through the Boston Run to Remember Half Marathon. Some quick background before reading Leo's report-he had given Irish Dave some real smack talk after a previous race for not breaking 2 hours...what goes around...

From Leo:

"The running gods struck me for making fun of Irish Dave at New Bedford as I was 39 seconds shy of breaking two hours. Oh well, I definitely deserved it. My strategy was to bust the last three miles but with the heat all I could muster was the last ½ mile. Irish Dave was also struck by the heat and actually started walking for about 20 seconds when he was inspired by the Irish Famine Memorial along the course. Nothing like seeing a sculpture of your great great grandmother other eating grass to get your fat rich spoiled ass in gear!"

FULL RESULTS available here

1480 228/355 M4049 2:00:39 9:13 2:01:28 Leo Fahey 43 M 4061 Hudson MA

2015 283/355 M4049 2:08:05 9:47 2:08:54 David Burney 43 M 387 Bolton MA

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