Wednesday, May 09, 2007

NETT members take two of the top three at Blue Hills bike race

A race report just in from Jerry De Zutter:

Paul Miller, Joe Hardin, Bob Looney and yours truly
raced the Blue Hills Classic bike race this past
Sunday. We did our best to employ team tactics
with drafting, surging etc. 6 X 3.2 mile loop with an
~1 mile rolling uphill on each lap. As we agreed upon
before the race, every other lap, on the uphill
section the four of us, led by Paul came to the front
of the pack and pushed the pace; damaging the field in
the process. Finally, with two laps to go, Paul
dropped the hammer and rocketed off the front, not to
be seen again. We tried to catch his wheel but could

Paul took the win in a very convincing and
impressive fashion, easily the strongest rider in our
race. In fact one of the race personnel ran up to him
after he finished and wanted to know what he had

[Editor's Note: Our boys impressed the organizations SO much that they put their photo up on the web site for the race here.

As a result of our team's hard efforts up
front I ended up in no man's land ahead of the main
pack with 2 laps to go. Uh oh! I waffled back and
forth with conventional wisdom telling me to drop back
to the pack but ultimately I stayed out front of the
pack to finish second. Joe and Bob, mixed it up with
the rest of the pack to finish strong at 8th and 13th
place (I think?). It really was an advantage to have a
"team" there and the tactics we used, I think, helped
tremendously. Some of us are chomping at the bit to
try another bike race.

A few pictures attached, Toledo and Paul before the
aggressions began. In the action photo, I'm far left,
Joe is far right. Almost looks like we know what we
are doing (well, OK, Toledo does know what he's
doing). The podium picture is missing one thing; where
are the podium babes!!!!

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