Friday, May 25, 2007

Prospect Hill proposal dead in the water

Call it much ado about nothing. The previously posted proposal to make Prospect Hill a year-round ski area has been denied, according to this story in the Waltham Daily News Tribune. The story says "the city would have to declare the public land surplus to the community to lease it and that with efforts to preserve the area from conservation groups like the Waltham Land Trust and Prospect Hill Advocacy Group, the notion seemed "absurd."

According to an e-mail sent out by Bob Kelly, Executive Director of WCAC-TV in Waltham:

"What we have learned from this is that the skiing area has reverted to park land already. It is almost impossible for anyone, including the city, to ever change the use back to skiing or any other use. This according to documents authored by the city law dept. which were distributed last night to Councillors."

Bad news folks--MORE HILL WORKOUTS!!!

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