Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kuota Challenge at Rye By the Sea Duathlon

A great race report from Frank KJ:

NETT’s run/bike specialists did it again.

It was man-o-man and Kouta vs. Kuota at Rye By the Sea Duathlon and while Joe Hardin won the Kuota challenge by 19 seconds, Frank won the age group and 4th overall. Joe took 3rd in age group and 6th overall. Tina once again showed she knows to pick her races and finished 2nd in her age group and 3rd overall.

Frank was a mere 14 seconds ahead of Joe after the 1st run. Joe immediately chased Frank down and so they kept each other at the game for the bike leg (no drafting). At mile 9 we though we had caught the two leaders (both fast runners) and that we were now the leaders. Unfortunately 1) the two guys started drafting on us and eventually passed us on the 2nd run leg and 2) we had overlooked that there was an extremely fast cyclist who was way ahead of the rest of us.

The course at Rye is great. The run is a mix of 1 mile on paved road and 2 miles on soft trails in that order on the 1st leg and opposite on the 2nd leg. The bike leg is flat and goes along the Atlantic Ocean.

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