Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NETT v. 2.0 takes to the track

I know some of you are getting a bit concerned with a phenomena we are starting to refer to as the "graying of the ponies". Yes, without even trying, we're building a very strong Masters club here, thanks in great part to Father Time. Dave Mingori and Frank KJ are the newest members, with a few more of us right around the corner.

All this might lead you to ask...what's the future hold for NETT? How are we building the long-term prospects for the club?

Well, this past week the next generation of NETT stars took to the track. If you check out THESE RESULTS, you'll notice some familiar last names in the girls 5 and under category. Yes, that's "our" Alexandra Miller finishing in a strong 5th place, and that's Audrey "Mini-Tick" De Zutter rounding out the top 10 (she's obviously just like her dad, just mixing in some sprints for fun, but clearly a distance runner--heck, Jer, maybe AUDREY will set that Long Trail record you had your sights on a few years back?) And it looks like Audrey's cousins (?) were in the heats as well,
with a Daniel takign 2nd and Caroline taking 7th. Looks like we have a legit little training group forming here!

I personally had the good fortune of being able to get a sneak peak of one of Alexandra's "tuneup" sprint workouts at Bentley last Wednesday...for those of you looking to build up some of your speed in the shorter sprints, here's what Alex goes through:

-Warmup by having your dad push you 2 miles in the baby jogger
-Do some plyometric exercises with Crazy Dave
-Practice running along the white lines of the track balance-beam style
-Several balerina-style twirls on track
-Upper body workout by digging in the sand of the long jump pit with a bucket
-Cooldown by having your dad push another 2 miles in the jogger.

Whew, I'm tired just typing that kind of monster workout!

Oh, by the way, their dads also ran the Will Speck Memorial 5K race too, with strong results. Alex's dad ran 17:25 and Audrey's dad was 21:04 while "uncle Phil" was in under 30 mins. No confirmation yet, and yes--those times were run with joggers (think about that--17:25 pushing one kid and 21 mins pushing two kids in the jogger for Jerry--ouch! And Phil's got two kids too!)

Anyways, looks like it was a fun day for all and glad to see SOMEONE is racking up the PRs around here, while the rest of us continue to target age group wins and go through box after box of Just for Men hair dye.

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