Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Big Ben, Crazy Dave and Eminem play the MODEL role

Last week, Big Ben, Crazy Dave and Karyn "Eminem" Miller-Medzon got the call from CitySports to be included as models in their exclusive photo shoot along the Chaaahles Rivah. After many long hours of negotiating with agents and several calls to Miley Cyrus, the NETT trio donned the CS branded running gear.

While there were many many of the city's most gorgeous runners scampering around in front of the lens at the shoot, CitySports clearly has taste and chose to feature a shot of Big Ben Crazy Dave and a slightly (okay more than slightly) obscured Eminem striding along the river.

Here's the result. Let us know what YOU THINK.


Anonymous said...

Nice! you guys look like runners but who is the guy in the yellow shirt trying to knock Tyson out with the uppercut? -Jerry

Anonymous said...

The guy in yellow is a banana wanna be! Exactly!

You guys look great!

~banana #3

Anonymous said...

wow, crazy has some nice guns!

New England Track and Trail said...

Thanks anoymous. I have been working out a lot lately--if you can consider cutting a 1/10th acre of grass once this spring "working out".