Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Young cracks top 10 at 7 Sisters, Eminem and Little Skittles take on the Great Bear

As the rain poured down on Sunday morning, Paul Young was bravely toeing the line for what's unanimously considered the most difficult trail race in New England, the 7 Sisters Trail Race in Amherst, Mass. Paul's a veteran of the course and a very strong runner on technical and downhill trails, so it's no surprise that he managed yet another top-10 finish this year by hurtling himself down the sharp jagged rocks that line the last quarter mile of the course.

"It wasn't a PR year, but I ran with Keith Schmitt again this year and we did some real damage on the field on the way back, picking off a lot of runners and managing to finsih in the top 10 in 2:02," Paul said.

Results are not yet available online, but a look at some past years' results shows a LOT of NETT names near the top of the list of the years (namely De Zutter, Young, Hannon, Mingori and at least one Drozdov and a Shirokov).

And in the "Son Spanks Mom" department, Karyn M-M(aka Eminem) reports that her 10-year old son Noah (aka Little Skittles) not only won his age division at the Great Bear 5K in a stunning PR of 21:40 but dusted his mom by a soild minute. Let me repeat that in case you missed it: He's 10 and he ran 21:40 for 5K. Whew!

Karyn says "His slow-moving Canadiens-loving mother had a less impressive finish of 22:40 (4th in age group), resulting in no bling whatsoever."

Note: Little Skittles is a Bruins fan, while Eminem, a native of Quebec, is a Montreal Candiens fan. So we know the good guys won out in this race!

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