Monday, May 12, 2008

NETT trail runners attack the Wapack MorFun run

Well our crew of trail runners certainly put the last "T" in Track & Trail this weekend, with some top finishes at a couple of the longest, toughest trail runs around.

First off, the trio of Dima Feinhaus, Jennifer Shultis and Karen Ringheiser took on the MorFUn Wapack Trail Run of 21 or 50 very rugged miles on the Wapack Trail.

Dima reports that: "Weather was great, trails were dry, and all I ended up being second in a very competitive race with 4:09 (official time are a few minutes off). 6th at 1st aid station -- it's a longer story -- but guy # 3 and I left 3rd (last) aid station virtually at the same time and were killing each other up to the finish line.

"Jennifer was 2nd female if I'm not mistaken, it's hard to read the results. I was too out of it at the finish line to remember who came when.
Karen was 4th female (out of 7), which is really good for her, as she did Boston just a few weeks ago and definitely does not like the long rocky sections that were prevalent out there."

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