Monday, July 07, 2008

Down with Sudbury! Support the Latest Rails to Trails Effort

There's a big debate going on about the latest Rails to Trails project. It seems a few staunch citizens in the town of Sudbury are creating enough of a stink that a major rails to trails bike path from Framingham to Lowell may not be complete.

The Boston Globe covered it nicely here with some great quotes from the opponents that are surely going to do them in (sometimes you just "give them enough rope" and they'll hang themselves).

As runners, cyclists, and general fitness nuts, it's partly our duty--even if we don't live in this town--to get this thing done. According to the Globe, "The trail would be part of a web of more than 100 miles of bike trails planned for Massachusetts that state officials say could one day permit riders to bike 120 miles from Lowell to Westfield, or along the Mystic River to the beaches of Lynn. The big vision has proved challenging to knit together, with efforts often meeting intense local opposition."

In favor: Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
Against it: Sudbury Citizens for Responsible Land Stewardship

Any suggestions?


Frank said...

I had to check twice that it is not April 1 today. These people should move to Alaska; they get their solitude and the hundred thousands of us get our bike path. Boy, stupidity and narcissism have no limits.

P.S. Be very quiet when you run the Battle Road trail so you don't scare the chipmunks.

Jamie said...

I can't blame them. It is a well known fact that cyclists and runners are the cause of 90% of street crime.

And that annoying noise that the chains and their heavy breathing makes! GAWD. I mean c'mon! How the hell am I supposed to listen to my Hummer suck down 2 gallons of gas while warming up in my driveway with all that racket going on?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I wasn't aware of that rail trail project even though it's close to my locale.

In the last couple years an ~6mile section of improved rail trail opened up from Marlboro through Hudson ending at the Hudson/Stow town line.

The trail is/was supposed to continue on through Stow, Acton and further. Some Stow residents are opposed (I think one cited reason was a possible increase in crime)and so the trail grinded to a halt, for now...

I'm sure Sudbury residents are looking at the proposed route and are totally aghast at the prospect of being "attached" to Lowell- Gasp! NIMBY rules!!! Lame-o!


Anonymous said...

I love this -

"As far as Maurer is concerned, a better solution is for bikers to get their exercise indoors.
"My whole theory is: Go to the gym that you got the membership for and that you know you are not using," she said."

Wow, that's all I reall got to respond with, just wow...

-Dave M