Monday, July 14, 2008

Redlining it in the Blue Hills

While official results aren't out yet, Dima, Karen and Jennifer took on the Blue Hills Trail Race again this year and had very good results. Here's Dima's report:

"I was surrounded by NETT women: Karen and Jennifer. It wasn't as hot as last year, but Ben Nephew ran about as fast as last year and was 2nd, while Josh Ferenc broke an hour. I was 12th about 5 min faster than last year. Karen was 4th woman (2nd master F) and improved her time by 1 second. Jennifer was a couple of minutes ahead of her running down the hill like a crazy maniac she is (3rd woman). The were more females at the race than usual. There was Simonetta Piergentili was the second female, she was always well ahead of me on the roads, but today she was way behind ... her 1st technical trail race.

Karen says the "race seems easier and quicker this year. Too bad my stop watch doesn't support that notion. After all that training and races on the trails I felt my more confident and at home in old Blue Hills. Humidity wasn't that hard and there was a nice breeze on the top. There was a talkative guy running just behind who was chatting away about every upcoming uphill and downhill. It was nice to leave him in the dust somewhere behind. A guy with ipod passed me just before the finish though, it was upsetting on so many levels."

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