Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dwyer, De Zutter make tracks at the Old Colony Tri

Congrats to NETT pal Pat Dwyer, who kept on his vicious tear on the tri circuit, taking the win this weekend at the Old Colony Triathlon. Looks like his regular Wednesday visits to the Bentley Track are paying off in spades (he has already qualified for Kona and finished second at the last tri he entered).

NETT's Jerry De Zutter had a solid race, as well finishing third master and scoring some more points for NETT in the FIRM Grand Prix. While official results aren't posted yet (check www.firm-racing.com), here's Jerry's report:

"My game plan was to: 1. have a solid swim (of course "solid" still means giving up the three minutes to the leaders) 2. focus on/hammer the bike leg and 3. Hang on for the run.

In the real world, here's how it worked out: 1. Had an OK swim 2. Had a mediocre bike (never felt like the hammer I wanted to be), 3. Still ended up hanging on to a lackluster run.

Really I just wanted to be quite a bit faster particularly on the bike, but I just didn't have it. Just glancing at the results before I left I think I recall a 25 min swim, 1:00:XX on the bike and a 43:XX on the run. I was also annoyed that 2 other 40-44 beat me, not sure if they are on teams or not though.

THink I need to ride my TT bike a bit more. Congrats to Pat for his win there.


Nice work, Jer. Just think how much more intimidating we Mini-Ponies are going to look when we put on those very cool new uniforms you've got in the works for us all!

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