Monday, August 04, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

This summer I went to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. It was fun. The mountains there are really high. Doris came too. I did a race up Cypress Mountain too. It was supposed to be on Mount Seymour but the snow there was still too deep. I finished 11th. Doris said that was good, but I am not sure. Most of the other guys in the race were better at the downhills than me but that's cool. I saw a black bear on my run in Whistler. It was big. A nice girl gave me a ride in her car so the bear would not eat me. He looked hungry. We have lots of pictures.


Anonymous said...

Coming from Crazy Dave, this is a very funny posting!!


Anonymous said...

are the pictures of the bear or the girl????????

Anonymous said...

nice vacation!


Anonymous said...

like i'm an afterthought. "Doris came too." Ha! Next time I take you anywhere.