Sunday, August 17, 2008

TIMBER! NETT goes BIG at Timberman Tri

There were a slew of Mini Ponies out at the Timberman Triathlon in New Hampshire this weekend, so let's get right to the results so I can resume watching women's diving.

In the sprint tri, it was Jerry De Zutter in 12th and Paul Miller in 13th finishing together in 1:06:56. It was something of a family reunion for the De Zutters in the sprint tri, as little bro Phil came in at 1:23, big brother Jim in 1:25 and Jim Senior at 74 years young came in at 2:08. It's only a matter of time before Audrey and Bradon get out there!

In the women's sprint, Tina Wang finished very well in 1:27:40.

In the half-iron distance, Ali Azarbayejani had a good race, finishing 62nd in 4:48 Frank KJ clocked a 5:14 in his third half-iron this year! And young Dave Guertin put in a very solid effort to finsih up in 5:34. And NETT pal Pat Dwyer continued his stellar season on his way to Kona by finishing 12th in 4:28. Great work guys!

The crew had a pre-race workout on Friday AM at Walden Pond with a breakfast after. Whatever they ate it worked! Congrat to all.

And just in case you don't feel lazy enough as it is reading about these maniacs, the Hoyts, Dick and Rick, did the half iron race as well. I'm off to eat a whoopie pie!

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