Thursday, August 21, 2008

Women 2nd, Men 7th at Lynn Woods

The NETT women came through stong again, taking second place in the women's open category at the 2008 Lynn Woods XC Relay, while the near-masters men's team finished 7th overall in the hotly contested men's open field.

The women started out very consistently with Deb Robertson leading off in 18:52 for the 2.5 mile loop, with Chrissy Durden running the second leg in an almost identical 18:51. Jennifer Shultis was up next and she clocked a very solid 19:21 before handing off to Adrienne Cyrulik, who threw down a monster 18-flat to bring it all home in 75:04 for 39th place overall, second in the women's open division.

39. NETT (311) 75:04
DEB ROBERTSON 18:52 18:52
CHRISSY DURDEN 37:43 18:51
JEN SHULTIS 57:04 19:21

On the men's side, Chris Smith led off with a speedy 14:38 putting us in 9th place. Janos Mako took the stick and cranked out a 15:16 before Paul Young matched Chris' leg and came through in 14:37 (weird huh?) to leave NETT off in sixth place heading into the final leg. Crazy Dave didn't exactly choke--but there was definitely a shortness of breath and blue on his face, as he closed it up in 14:08, but lost the battle for sixth place to a guy who threw down a 13:48. What are you gonna do, right? The NETT men finished up in 58:39. Had Crazy Dave found his fake ID from college and qualified as a master, the NETT team would have been second masters (second only to the CMS team that set the new masters record).

7 . NETT (275) 58:39
CHRIS SMITH 14:38 14:38
JANOS MAKOS 29:54 15:16
PAUL YOUNG 44:31 14:37
DAVE HANNON 58:39 14:08

Chrissy's CitySports crew also did well finishing 8th in the coed division in 77:58.
Special thanks to the runners who volunteered for teams even though we could work them all out (Bogie, Duggan and Martin).

As always, the volunteers and organizers at the Lynn Woods Relay did an outstanding job of getting accurate splits and keeping track of what appears to the naked eye to be complete and utter chaos. I honestly have no idea how they do it, but KUDOS to them.


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