Monday, October 20, 2008

Great results at Groton, Baystate

NETT sure showed some strong results at the Groton Trail Race this weekend. While results aren't posted yet, here's a quick report from Frank KJ:

Paul Young was 2nd overall and first master in 1:01:53. We came really close to the master's record but took a spill in the last mile. John (Aniken) Kinnee was 5th overall in 1:02:51, and a bit faster than last year. Frank KJ, 9th overall, 5th master in 1:06:43 (2:50 faster than last year - just missed 7 min/mile pace)

And finally Jennifer Schultis was on hand with a small EMS expo and Darn Tough Sock raffle.

Thanks for the report Frank. Meanwhile, up in Lowell on Sunday, there was some phenomenal results from some Mini-Ponies at the Baystate Marathon. Dima Feinhaus (a half-degree of separation) ran a phenomenal time of 2:54 and Karen Ringheiser did the same by clocking a 3:14. Also Jean-Dany Joachim clocked a solid 3:36 up Lowell.

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