Sunday, October 26, 2008

NETT takes Wrentham by storm

It was a very good day for NETT at the Wrentham Halloween Duathlon with the men taking three of the top five spots and the women also taking top spots in their age groups.

First off, in the "what else would you expect?" category, Paul Miller won the race, for the umpteenth, finishing in 56:10. Jerry De Zutter put in a rock solid performance to finish second overall and Frank KJ just a bit back in fifth. Three in the top five! Jerry's brother Jim had a great race also, finishing in 1:21, sixth clydesdale!

And the NETT ladies just dominated their age groups. Adrienne Cyrulik finished 1st in the 30-34 group in 1:09, Tina Wang fourth in her 35-39 group in 1:11 and Katherine De Zutter, Jim's daughter, took second in the 0-19 age group!Here's Jerry's report on the race from the field:

"The day started very moist and rather windy, the wind died down at race time and the sun came out as we raced and warmed our bones by the time we left.

Paul and a relay team runner pulled away from the rest of the field in the opening 3 mile run. Frank and I were near each other early in the run, eventually separated by the agressive running of a combative lady (why do they have to be like that!!) which made me want to leave the comfort of our nice little group and forge ahead. I'm not sure if the speedy Adrienne and Tina duo ran near each other but their splits indicate they were able to keep each other in sight with Adrienne just ahead. Bro Jim was watching his daughter Katherine run away from him keeping in mind, I'll get you on the bike my pretty!! When I got to T1 I saw Paul leaving the transition on his bike and never saw him again til after the race. In fact I didn't see anybody the entire ride, well except for the guy who was in second and missed a turn very early on, heading out to Rt.495, bummer. Multiple accounts of wheel slippage by myself and others at speed during the 11 mile ride due to the wet leaves and twigs covering the roadways. Except for the back and forth battle between Jim and Katherine the rest of us maintained our NETT-relative positions. Other athletes challenged us but we beat them back! So, Jim was able to pass Katherine on the bike and got out onto the second run well ahead of her. And Jim was able to hold Katherine off to the finish but he now has a bad case of swivel head-itis."

And to top it all off, everyone looked great in their new NETT uniforms.

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