Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wayland XC in Pictures

It was another strong showing for NETT on the trail at the Wayland XC Festival on Sunday with the women finishing third and men fourth. But sometimes pictures just tell the story better than results. So here's the Wayland XC race in photo essay form:

Eminem hugs the corner tight.

Good looking group!

Take no prisoners Mary!

Karen scampers along.

Dave takes second masters honor!


Anonymous said...

Results are posted on race website. Great work folks! Beautiful day for it. Did Martin B. sign up as NETT, would that have made a difference in the team results? Looking forward to some XC races over the next several weeks. -Jerry

CrazyDave said...

Thanks Jer. I alerted the RD and he said he'd fix it, but don't think it will make a difference in our placing as a team.