Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update: NETT braves the cold at Derry

NETT had another solid showing at the Boston Prep 16 mile race in Derry, NH this weekend, which lived up to its reputation for bone-chilling temps and a course of non-stop hills. But never ones to be intimidated by such things, a group of hearty Mini Ponies galloped their way to strong finishes.

The day started with a visit from a "ghost of Derrys past" when Big Leo Fahey rang up Crazy Dave on the cell phone on the ride up. "Dude, I'm in the car in front of you" Leo said. But, when asked if he was, in fact, making his return to the Derry race, he said "What are you f--ing crazy? I'm going to coach a volleyball tournament! I'm NEVER running that race again."

Well, despite Big Leo's absence, New England Track & Trail was well represented. Frank White posted yet another solid result at Derry, coming off an ankle injury and a triple effort in Bermuda last weekend to finish in 1:45. Dima Feinhaus notched a 1:50 effort for 27th place overall and Karen Ringheiser put up a very strong 2:06 run, good for 10th female master. And Crazy Dave slogged his way to a 1:42.

The tag team of Karyn Miller-Medzon and Peter Evers churned out a 2:26 effort for a very solid Boston prep run while ultra specialist Bogie D simply laughed the hills off en route to a 2:46.

But clearly the star of the day goes to youngster Eri Verter, who ran not only his first-ever 16 mile race, but likely his first 16-mile run in a stunning 1:55, or 7:12 pace, to finish 61st place out of 650 finishers. Given the course, the cold and his race experience level, this amounts to a very promising finish for a guy who's only done a handful of races. His secret? Well regular trips to Prospect Hill are a good start.

(photos here courtesy of Dima F. To see more pics of the race, see Scott Mason's PHOTOS HERE )

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Anonymous said...

A Michael Murphy finished ahead of Dave Hannon....but it wasn't THE Michael Murphy!

-banana #3