Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not the USUAL Bermuda vacation

How did you spend YOUR weekend? Maybe you did a race? Maybe you even did two races? Or maybe you jetted off to Bermuda for the weekend? Well even if you did ALL of that this past weekend, Frank White's got you beat. This lunatic flew to Bermuda Friday, ran three races in three days, and flew home Monday!

The Bermuda International Race weekend hosts a mile race on Friday, a 10K race on Saturday and a marathon/half marathon on Sunday. But if those events individually aren't challenging enough for you there's the Triangle Challenge where you do all three events in three days and your times from all three are combined.

And apparently Frank just felt doing one race in a foreign country on a weekend wasn't enough of a challenge, because he did the mile, 10K and half marathon in a combined time of 2:11 to finish third overall. "I died in the last 5K of the half-marathon and got passed for second place," Frank griped, but still gave the trip and the races high marks. And Frank's got some friends that live in Bermuda, so the overall costs of the weekend sufferfest were limited.

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