Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Multisport Races coming up

For those of you who haven't heard about it yet, the rapidly growing winter multisport concept is gaining traction (get it--traction!) in the New England area.

The 2009 New England Winter Multisport Series is made up of three races--one in New Hampshire and two at the Weston Ski Track in Weston, Mass. The first winter triathlon in the series on January 25 is at Gunstock in New Hampshire and according to the web site, it's pretty simple: "Winter Triathlon is a succession of a run, mountain bike ride, and X-country ski segment separated by transitions."

The Gunstock race distances are scheduled to be a 5K run (on snow), 7.5K mountain bike (on snow), and a 6K X-country ski (on water--just kidding, on snow).

The Weston triathlon on Saturday, Feb. 7 will shoot for the same distances, although snow in Weston is less reliable.

The final event of the series is a winter duathlon at Weston on Feb. 22 (unfortunately, the same day as the Hyannis Marathon!) and will feature a 4K run, 6K ski, and another 4K run. This race is also designated as the club championship race, so anyone not doing the Hyannis race for NETT should consider this event.

Lastly, note one the sponsors of this series, Patrick F. Dwyer and Associates, should be a familiar name to NETT members.

While you might not have tried this sport before--no worries. I don't think many people have, so there's definitely no harm in giving it a whirl, especially if you're an experienced mountain biker and skier.

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