Sunday, April 19, 2009

NETT all over the Wrentham Duathlon

The multi-sport year kicked off this weekend and the ever-evolving NETT multisport squad gave notice to the other tri teams. Here's Frank KJ's report on the very successful day:

No less than 8 mini ponies raced the season opener and with great success as always. Jerry showed great form taking 3rd overall and 1st in his new “advanced” age-group. Chris was a bit ahead of Jerry into T1, and Frank just a few seconds behind but none of them could keep up with Jerry on the bike leg. Frank managed to move by Chris on the bike to secure 3rd in the M40-44. Chris held off veteran duathletes to take 4th. Nice work by Chris who rode a good old steel frame road bike. Bruce had a solid race all around and checked 10th in the age-group. And Eri did his first ever duahlon (I believe) and why not debut with a 2nd place finish in the M20-24; yes he’s that young and single (I believe).

The De Zutter family was all over the place. Katherine wanted her share of the podium and took 1st the teen age-group – improving her time from the fall race by no less than 15 minutes. Imagine taking 15 minutes of you 10 mile PR in just 4 months!!! Jim Jr and Jim III shared a family relay team which placed them a solid 6th place. And of course wife/mom was there to cheer on. Also thanks to Jim Sr and Tina for coming to out cheer and take pictures.).

Results at

Grand Prix standing has not yet been updated but I am sure we raked in a ton of points today.

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