Monday, April 13, 2009

NETT Runs the Rivah Wicked Fast!

It was a strong showing for NETT at the 18th annual Merrimack River Trail Race up in Andover, Mass. Overall as a team, NETT finished third thanks in large part to very strong performances by Pat Dwyer (1:05:57) and Chris Smith (1:07:09). Crazy Dave and Big Ben lumbered in behind them in 1:18 and Jack Burke cranked out a season-opener 1:28.

Coming out of the woodwork literally was Extra-Irish Dave Burney, who emerged from semi-seclusion in the woods of central Mass to run a very encouraging sub-2 hour time. And of course, NETT pal Marshall Randolph continued to defy all laws of aging and physics by running a downright ridiculous time of 1:16.

On the ladies side, Chrissy Durden took her first trip up the Rivah in a speedy 1:39, winning the bloodshed award.

Some Photos Courtesy of Jim Johnson, others Chris Smith.

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