Saturday, April 11, 2009

NETT makes an assault on the 2009 FIRM Grand Prix

And, a word from Frank KJ on NETT's 2009 multipsport season, which kicks off this month:

One week to Wrentham Duathlon and we may have no less than 8 mini ponies racing. I have finished registering 25 people from NETT for the FIRM GP Series. So far about 172 people have registered in total (deadline in 4/15) so we are accounting for one of out of 7 racers. Furthermore, we are almost meeting the goal of having at least 3 people in at least 5 GP races which mean we will be eligible for price awards. I have attached a matrix that shows the races in the series and who have committed to what so far.

Green colored races means we already have 3 people but the more people the more points we are likely to score
Yellow colored races means we are close to having 3 people.
Don't worry about the colors on the names for now.

Please review the matrix and see if you would be able to do any of these races. And if you can then please let me know. Plus, I will of course keep sending out reminders in advance of each GP race. Editor's Note: You can zoom in on this document and scroll around by using the tools at the top. "Toggle full screen" might be the easiest. It's the only way to post a big PDF on blogger.

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