Tuesday, May 19, 2009

UPDATE: Mini Ponies attack Lions--barefoot!

A few of the hearty NETTers took to the triathlon scene this weekend at the Lions Sprint Tri in Marlboro with our usual great success (are we getting spoiled here or what?). But it was our youngest team member that stole the show.

Martin Bures ripped off his first triathlon of the year at the finished 16th overall and 3rd in his age group. He had the 9th fastest swim split and 9th fastest run split in the race too. Also wrestling with the Lions this weekend were Jim and Katherine De Zutter. Jim had a fantastic bike leg (11th fastest) and cracked the hour mark in 59:29 and grabbed 2nd in the Clydesdale and 38th overall.

And then there was Katherine. Here's her dad Jim's report on Katherine's unique race:

"She had a much better pool time this week a much earlier start than Sudbury and only passed 1 person in the pool. The transition went smooth and the ride turned out to be a bit hilly but the training and spin classes paid off her time was very respectable for the woman’s category. Then came the transition for the run her feet were wet from the ride and she tried several times to slide her Zoots on her feet with no luck. She grabbed her shoes and left the transition with hopes to find a place to put them on the run. I met Katherine at the turn as I was headed back to the finish and suggested to her to just drop them and run she looked at me and kept running until the woman she was with told her I had told her to drop them. She finished the race without shoes a slower run than planned but still a good time considering the lack of shoes [and faster than her dad's run split, we might add!]. Katherine placed 1st in her age group and 77th overall with a time of 1:06. We are off to the Coast Guard Duathlon this weekend hope to see many of the team as it is a Grand Prix race."

Thanks Jim! Look closely at the pic--photographic evidence! You don't mess with a Mini Pony! What a gutsy performance by Katherine! Us old farts can definitely learn a thing or two from this kid!


Anonymous said...

...as long as those Lions weren't from Chelmsford!

New England Track and Trail said...

Yes, we're fighting Lions and Bears lately, it seems. Not sure where the Tigers are--Oh my!