Monday, May 11, 2009

NETT moms (and more) kick butt on Mother's Day weekend

We had some great results over Mother's Day weekend. Here's a couple reports from the field. First, here's Frank KJ's report from the Sudbury Sprint Triathlon:

"The NETT family relay of Nicholas, Tina and Frank was back at Sudbury in another attempt to wrestle √úberbiker Don Vescio off the thrown – but unfortunately I did not deliver on the bike leg and we fell short by 47 seconds to take second once again. Nicholas did his job and swam the 400y in 5:20 including passing several slower swimmers. This was 30 seconds faster than last. So shame on me for immediately losing exactly the same time on the bike part! Tina was a strong anchor as always and actually ran 5 seconds faster than last year. I guess I should not be surprised if they ask Paul, Jerry, Joe or Bruce to replace me next year ;-)

It was the day of second places as Jim De Zutter took second in the Clydesdale division and daughther Katherine took second in Female under 19. Jim was flying low and fast like a missile on his new sweet Cervelo.

Big Al Prescott decided it was time to do all 3 legs of a triathlon (as opposed to the swim leg alone) and that so well he placed 6th overall in the competitive M40-44. No surprise that he had one of the fastest swim times of the day. And his wife Judy who has done the race more times than I can count put in her usual solid performance.

Another fun day at the Atkinson pool in Sudbury and more great NETT results. Full results at"

Thanks for the report Frank. And now a report from Karyn Miller-Medzon, who ran the Mom's Run 5K in Somerville:

"Can I PLEASE run a race without a headwind???

I ended up heading out to the Mom's Run 5K in Somerville without the Skittle boys--Noah twisted his ankle playing soccer yesterday so I vetoed his run today (much to his annoyance). And Daniel woke up with a cold and fever so no run for him either.
When I saw the massive buffet table of doughnuts and bagels and yogurts and luna bars inside the VFW post at the starting line I thought maybe I'd just spend the morning eating and pretend I had run.....Somehow I overcame this urge and lined up at the start in beautiful sunshine and VERY heavy wind. There was a lovely tail wind for the first mile, but then we looped around and had a powerful headwind the last mile and a half. It was like being back at wretched mile 23 of the marathon! But it was over in no time. I finished in 23:02 (not my fastest, but good enough to place 2nd in my age group and 9th woman overall.) I figure I'll try another one next weekend (and the weekend after if I have to!) until I find a race WITHOUT wind."

Great work Eminem. Also racing this weekend were Dima Feinhaus at the Bear Mountain 50 Miler, but can't find results just yet.

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