Monday, May 25, 2009

Pineland Farms race a big success for NETT

Well the Pineland Farms Trail Challenge was a great success for New England Track & Trail. After a pre-race dinner the night before in Portland, NETT members took to the trails early Sunday morning. Here's the results and a bunch of great pictures, courtesy of Doris and Adrienne.

31 3/32 Adrienne Cyrulik 35 F 132 Belmont MA 2:03:13 7:56
33 4/32 Anne McGrail (adrienne's friend) 35 F 220 North Attleboro MA 2:04:35 8:02
49 11/36 John Burke 43 M 95 Cambridge MA 2:11:26 8:28

2 2/28 Dave Hannon 38 M 1 West Roxbury MA 3:47:21 7:20
5 4/28 Paul Young 43 M 82 North Andover MA 3:55:21 7:35
6 5/28 Jerry DeZutter 44 M 117 Hudson MA 4:14:25 8:12
30 7/20 Bogie Dee 34 M 53 Chelmsford MA 4:44:37 9:10

50 Mile
21 1/8 Karen Mahoney-Ringheise 45 F 48 Carlisle MA 8:39:21 10:24

Random race notes: Jerry rode his bike for 1:30 before the race, and drove his car up 3 hours before that. Even I don't think that's normal...Bogie can no longer claim to be slow...Adrienne chopped 10 minutes off her 25K time from last year and Jack Burke chopped off 8 minutes--we should all be so lucky...Karen won her age group in the 50 miler (woohoo!)...Adrienne's friend Ann finished only two spots behind her!...The post-race party lived up to the expectations as always...NETT technically won the 50K team title, but results don't reflect it--it's being looked into...I'm still not sure what a canicross is...Pineland Farm is a dairy farm that used to be mental hospital. Brings new meaning to the term "head cheese."

Here's a couple trail veterans kicking back with a well-earned frosty post-race reward!

WANT MORE PHOTOS? The race director's pics are posted here.

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