Monday, July 13, 2009

Brave Ponies take on the Skyline Trail Race in the Blue Hills

Several brave NETT members took on what has to be one of the toughest 7.2 mile courses in New England. I mean, it's tough (as evidenced by the two guys in the background of this photo apparently leaned over blowing chunks!). But despite the ruggedness of the course and some secret training options (a handful of folks apparently took alternate routes to the finish as sometimes happens in trail racing), NETT members were in the top ranks on both the men's (Paul Young, Chris Smith and Dima) and women's (Adrienne and Karen R) and women's races. I think we have to give Adrienne extra special congrats, as the rest of these folks sort of knew what they were in for, having run the race before or something similar. Poor Adrienne went in pretty much blind and finished in the top five women!

Full Results Posted here.


Anonymous said...

They're not is grabbing another beer from the cooler the other is filling the funnel!

Frank said...

Adrienne, sure you don't miss the pavement?