Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leo rallies up to the Big Man challenge!

Big Leo Fahey ran his first-ever Big Man race this year with great results. For the uninitiated, the Big Man run is a clydesdale race, where you have to stop every mile and eat a hot dog and drink a beer. You puke, you're out. Now, for the sordid details, we'll go to Leo:

"I was finally able to run in the famous (infamous??) Big Man Run this weekend! I had to forego this event the past 4 years due to crappy scheduling issues. I must say, it was a fun race and worth the wait. For those unfamiliar with the race, it is 4+ miles for guys over 190 lbs (they do, however, allow a few ‘skinnies’ in but you can’t win anything) in which you have to stop at 3 ‘aid stations’ and consume 1 beer and 1 hot dog. Participants are weighed just before the start of the race and I tipped the scales at 242 lbs (must have been the 12 rolls and chicken parm I ate the night before at Bertucci’s--carbo loading). I wish I could say I was one the smallest guys running but I wasn’t…

For the first time the race was held in Worcester. The course was very scenic as we started in Piedmont Village and worked our way though some of the tonier sections of Main South and then back to Piedmont Village. The first ‘aid station’ was less than a ½ mile from the start. This was a surprise to most everyone (it being a new course and all) so only the jackrabbits were able to breeze through while the rest of us had to wait maybe 5-7 minutes for hot dog and beer #1. After that there was no waiting.

I felt great the entire race. I mostly just plodded along because I was fearful of being DQ’d for vomiting. I didn’t see anyone else vomiting but there were a few walkers near the end of the pack. The hot dogs were very good and the beer was even better. In fact, the beer was so good that I had to continue after the (see pic) race despite the likely disapproval of my doctors.

This is a pretty unique event that you should put on your calendars for next year. I am anxiously waiting for the results to be posted to see how I finished in my category, i.e., Clydesdale 226 to 246."

Big Congrats to Big Leo!

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