Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NETT holds third in FIRM series

And now a quick update on NETT's status in the FIRM series from Frank KJ:

"A quick update on the FIRM Grand Prix series. After 5 GP races NETT now is in a solid 3rd place with 137 points well ahead of bigger teams like Wheelworks, MRC and Boston Tri. NETT is a tight knit team where quality outweighs quantity. So far 17 different Mini Ponies have raced either individually or on a relay team in a FIRM GP race and every single person has scored points. Katherine and Jerry are still perfect – scoring maximum points in their age-groups in each race they do. And Crazy Dave has now relayed twice, as a cyclist and as a runner. There are two GP races in Lowell on August 9. Check out the races at www.firm-racing.com. Go Mini Ponies!"

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