Monday, August 10, 2009

Adrienne takes second at Dam Trail Race

Back in July, Adrienne was referring to the Blue Hills race as that "damn" race. But a month later, she's happily reporting a solid second place finish at the Dam Trail Race in Oxford this weekend. Here's her report:

"The race was good, cool and dry in the morning. It was a long race so I ran conservatively and didn’t know exactly my placing until someone told me I was third woman (I had passed 1 or 2 in the first couple of miles). I could see myself catching the 2nd woman but didn’t push it because it looked like she was slowing down (she looked more like a soccer player and had a running “lumber”). At the first water stop she stopped and I kept going and the distance became significant. We had to go through 2 mud puddles up to our ankles and one wide stream crossing and it was technical in spots. I felt good and came in 2nd in 1:32, but there were 7 minutes between me and the 1st place woman. My time overall wasn’t outstanding but it’s hard to judge in the trails. Overall I placed 20th out of 113."

Congrats Adrienne!

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