Sunday, August 09, 2009

NETT swarms the Merrimack at Lowell Triathlons

NETT had a very strong showing at the Lowell YMCA Olympic Distance and Wild Cat Sprint Triathlon.

From Karyn Eminem:
NETT had a great morning at the two different Lowell triathlons. Paul Miller (my adopted brother) came 2nd overall in Wildcat Sprint (with an amazing time of 50:41);
and Eri came 6th in his age group (1:04); and I came 5th in the Old Lady category (but 2nd in the run!) with an overall time of 1:13.
Martin came 6th overall in the Olympic distance (1:53:14), looking very strong! And Bogie finished in a respectable 2:23 (admitting that he hasn't really been in the water yet this year). Very fun morning, and Frank (who has had more than a week of stomach flu) was on hand to cheer everyone on.

And from Martin:
So it was a pretty nice day out there for a triathlon. The weather gave us some cool temperatures which was nice. There was a strong NETT showing today - Bruce, Eri, Frank, Paul and Karyn MM. Frank was spectating and Bruce had a last minute injury seconds prior to the start. I did the international distance and Eri, Paul and Karyn did the sprint. I got out for a strong start to avoid getting smacked around and was able to ride that to 4th out of the water. Again, the bike leg was my nemesis but my average pace is improving and I dropped some good time. I opened it up on the run and was able to chase-down a good number of the people who went by me on the bike leg, which was also good enough for the fastest run leg. I ended up 6th overall and 2nd in my age group.

Congrats to all! Another great showing.

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