Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dave Mingori anchors winning team at Greenway Challenge

Dave Mingori sent in a great report from the Greenway Challenge, a multisport relay event. Dave's team. Great Canadian, has won it several times and this year was put to the test. Here's his report:

This year's race started well (my friend Chris put down 5:18's for the opening 4.25 mile leg) and we were in 2nd. The first place team had a great runner but other than that wasn't a concern. Then it all fell apart as on the 1st bike leg, which was 1/2 on, 1/2 off road, our biker flatted and crashed on a rocky section. Luckily he finished but not only lost our lead but came in almost 10 minutes out of 1st (and I think only 12th overall)

From there it was just pick off as many as possible. Made up 4 places and about a minute on the 1st paddle section. Next was a road bike section and when our biker came in 3rd, now less than 6 minutes back I began to think it just might be possible if I can pull one out of my a** on the middle run (Chris was planning on doubling back for the anchor). So I hammered it, somehow managing very close to 5:40's for the 4.7 mile leg, making up another 1:10.

Then it got interesting again. Mark took off for the 2nd paddle and Chris and I headed for the last run start. We got stuck in traffic and show up with probably only 10-12 minutes to spare. Chris starts warming up and 5 minutes later comes back to the car and tells me he can't run, that his HR is staying really elevated and he's feeling very light headed. Of course my first concern is if he needs medical attention. Luckily Deb was driving around with us for the day and she agreed to watch over Chris. Now I'm running again, on short rest and probably have less than 5 minutes. First place team takes off and the runner looks okay, but nothing great. By the way he looked, I didn't think he'd manage much under 6:15's. Suddenly Mark shows up and he took back another 3 minutes and I'm only 1:30 back. Damn, if I can put sub 6's we've got a chance!

Luckily I'd run the course the prior weekend so knew where to push it and that there was a BIG 1/2 mile hill just after 2 miles. I turned the corner to start the hill and could just see the 1st place guy about 2/3 up the hill. I really pushed the hill, then let up a bit and used a short downhill to recover. With just under a mile to go (it was 4.2 miles) I made another big move on a sustained downhill, passing the guy and just going flat out. If he wanted to go with me, he was gonna hurt just as much as I was! He didn't respond, then I found yet another gear for the final 1/4 mile and we won by 38 seconds and I managed 5:52's (which felt like 5:30's!)

Great job Dave! Final results are posted here.

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Anonymous said...

L-R in the team photo:
Hans (owner of Great Canadian and general support/spotting), Peter (1st biker), Mark (paddler), Chris (1st runner), Deb (run support), Keary (bike support) and me. Not shown are Dave D (2nd biker) and Astrid who was Mark's support.