Sunday, October 04, 2009

MiniPonies get whipped at Topsfield

Well, at least we have our sense of humor.

It was a rough day on the race course for the NETT crew at the Topsfield XC Race, but at the end of it all, we stood by what we do best--had a good time running with good company and did our best.

The women's team was one short due to a faulty alarm clock, and despite the race director assuring us we could use a ghost runner to round out the five scorers, it turned out not to be the case. But big kudos the Ponyettes for putting in some gutsy runs. Adrienne led the charge and cracked the top 20 in 21:45 (equal as last year's time in sloppier conditions!). Mary was just a bit back in 22:12, newcomer Jess Walden ran strong in 23:40 and Tina clocked a solid 24:01 (beating last year's time!).

On the men's side, the NETT squad finished 6th place with Crazy Dave (26th in 29:17), Ben Gray (33rd in 30:17), Frank KJ (43rd in 32:20), Big Ben (44th in 32:33), newbie John Grainge (48th in 33:05). Unfortunately, Chris Smith got injured, but still managed to stagger into the finish in a gutsy run.

While most of us were suffering away in the back of the pack, it was really great to hear the other NETTers cheering us on and shouting encouragement.

After the race, we headed off to drown the sorrows in fried clams and beer at Woodmans, where we had a lot of laughs and planned our Topsfield strategy for next year (we all sleep in!).

Extra special thanks to our pep squad Youngstah, Dustin, Cindy and Elsa-Bean.


Anonymous said...

Did Big Ben run the entire race carrying an infant?!!

Frank said...

The rest of the team actually carried Ben the entire race

Anonymous said...

Good one Frank!! haha