Sunday, January 03, 2010

Frank KJ wins the First Annual Mini Pony Cup competiton in dramatic fashion

Well, it's official. After a wild ride in the final month, an official audit by accounting firm Dewey, Cheatum and Howe has confirmed that Frank KJ is the official winner of the First Annual Mini Pony Cup! Big big congrats to Frank.

And Frankly, it couldn't have gone to a more deserving participant. Frank completed 12 of the official categories (listed below), outpacing Eminem, Jerry and Chris Smith who all scored in 11 of the categories. But beyond that, he does a LOT for NETT in terms of organizing teams, tracking triathlon series points, he and Tina open their home regularly for brunch runs and more.

Here's Frank's officially approved list:

Road race under 1/2M: Stow 5K, 5K in Lexington in June, Lincoln July 4th
Road race over 1/2M: Stu's 30K
Track Race: BU Indoor Meet
XC Race: Mt Hood
Team XC Race: Topsfield, Andover
Team relay event: Sudbury triathlon with Tina and Nicholas
Duathlon: 2 x Wrentham (short), Black Bear (long - another point?)
Triathlon under 1/2Iron: Old Colony, Barrington, TDD
Triathlon 1/2 and over: Firmman, Patriot
Volunteer at race: Jerry's race for ALS
Host a social event: Brunch runs, Skellig's, New Year's Party
Organize a workout: Multi-brick workouts, trail runs

Please join us all in congratulating him in winning this prestiguous award.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Frank. Go NETT

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being the recipient of this prestigious award Frank. You have certainly earned the right to be crowned the 2009 mini pony king. At some point, after someone bakes one, we should award you the giant jelly donut of distinction in recognition of your impressive achievement. -one of the vanquished losers

Frank said...

Hmmmm - Donuts

Anonymous said...

I think Frank's weakness is "Chocolate".
Make that a chocolate donut.