Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Senator Multisport

EDITOR'S NOTE: This blog post is not a political statement in any way shape or form. NETT does not officially support any political candidate unless we are outright bribed or promised something in return for our support. Please read the following blog post with that in mind.

Well the suprising turn of events in the Massachusetts senatorial campaign has produced something of a surprise winner. And while Scott Brown might be a new face to many political junkies, he is in fact, a familiar face to many of us on the multisport circuit.

Just for kicks the NETT newsroom took a minute this morning to look up some of Senator-elect Brown's performances on the FIRM web site and found some interesting results. In fact, many NETT members have raced against--and clobbered quite frankly, our future sentor.

Wrentham Spring Duathlon 2009:
9 Brown, Scott Males 50-54 4 53 19:44 :46 6 65 32:21 :51 5 50 13:11 4 49 1:06:54
(Puts him in just behind Bruce and in front of Eri.)

Wild Cat Tri 2009 (8th overall)
474 Brown, Scott Males 50-54 1 12 4:54 1 11 30:26 1 12 20:34 1 8 55:56
(Put him about five minutes off Paul Miller--not bad at all).

Old Colony 2009
6 Brown, Scott Males 50-54 6 53 22:53 1:42 3 38 1:04:09 :30 5 45 46:32 4 33 2:15:48
(Clearly he doesn't like the longer stuff, but was only 7 minutes off Joe and Frank here).

Webster Lake 2009
5 Brown, Scott Males 50-54 3 47 12:43 3:33 3 39 35:05 :33 2 43 18:51 2 33 1:10:47
(Eminem is NOT going to like that result! He even beat our relay team in that one!)

One thing I noticed is he seems to get low bib numbers in these races. Either he's entering them all very early or the FIRM folks were WAY ahead of the curve in snuggling up to the future senator.


Karyn said...


Frank said...

Expect Scott to wear bib #1 in all races he enters next year - courtesy of health insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists who in return will ask for a favor or two from wonderboy

karenringheiser said...

Yeah, he'll get #1 for his Bib from now on, for sure, and probably have his own ribbon at the finish line, a la Lance Armstrong at the Boston Marathon.

Karen R.

Karyn said...

You guys are probably right. But..we can still kick his butt ( of you can...)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his daugters are "available" to compete in any races?!

Anonymous said...

Yeah maybe it should read "Senator Pimp Daddy" after that display. (Note this was not a political statement only an observation of the strange way he introduced his daughters.)

Anonymous said...

Go Scott! Great guy, has served our country on so many different levels. His record of public service is enviable. I'm happy to see he will be representing Massachusett's best interests in the US senate.

Unfortunately, his multisport performancess may suffer. -Jerry