Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update: NETT Poetry Festival to serve as Haiti relief fundraiser

This is just a quick and uncharacteristically serious, update in response to the many NETT members who have made inquiries about some kind of Haiti fundrasising. A few of us are currently working on planning an event in the near future where we can get together to donate clothing, sneakers, and money to Haiti while also celebrating our Poetry/Song festival.

As many of you know, one of NETT's members, Jean Dany Joachim, is a native of Haiti and was scheduled to visit there the day after the earthquake hit. (For those who asked, yes, Jean Dany is safe here in Boston but is very distraught at the devastation to his homeland and continues to try to get news from the ground or a flight to Haiti. See his interview here on WBUR's web site and this interview and video on the WickedLocal Cambridge web site.

So we'll go forward with our festival in the hopes that we can use it to raise some money and spread Jean Dany's message of hope--there will be a new sunrise and despite the turmoil, Life is Good.

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Anonymous said...

There once was a runner from Beantown.
With a stride so long competitors could not be found.
He said from oxygen debt,
As he wiped his brow of sweat.
"If it weren't for the training with NETT I would be forever be round!"