Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poetry festival submission: Peace, at eight minutes a mile

The first-ever NETT PoetryFestival/Haiti Fundraiser/Olympics viewing party is only a couple days away! Please RSVP ASAP on the Meetup page if you can attend. To keep things going we're posting another original submission into the festival.

Peace, at eight minutes a mile

Snow crunching beneath your feet
Winter sun above
Gentle wind upon your back
This is what you love

This is what you live for
This still fills your dreams
This makes all the turmoil
Half of what it seems

Laughing conversation
With many-miled friends
Worth the early rousing
A means and yet an ends

This is health embodied
This is body and soul
This was de Leon’s dream
To keep from getting old

Sometimes it’s pushing limits
Sometimes a full-on test
Sometimes a well-paced journey
Is the only way to rest

This is what you go to
This is what you need
When the mapped out path ahead
Is impossible to read

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