Friday, February 19, 2010

Poetry festival winding down

For those who didn't get to attend the in-person poetry festival, I thought I'd post my last submission here. Still open to others, but we'll be returning to regular non-poetic, programming here on the blog soon.

My friend the poet

I have a friend
Who speaks in verse
In iambic pentameter
Without need to rehearse

He came from an island
To visit a friend
And found a new home
In which to spend

The next 20 years
Learning to teach
Others to share
The value of speech

La Camisa Blanca
He wears a white shirt
And converses with dogs
In language diverse

From Creole to French
From English to Spanish
His relaxing tones
Make stresses vanish

And on days when he chooses
He runs like a deer
One moment away
The next moment near

But there’s a part of my friend
I find most admiring
A simple habit
That’s simply inspiring

He puts forth an effort
(As all of us should)
To always remind us
That “Life is Good”

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