Tuesday, May 04, 2010

NETT chips in at A Cure is Coming

Race Director Jerry De Zutter put on another successful event on Saturday at the A Cure is Coming 5K with the help of a long list of Mini Ponies.

The race and walk are fundraisers for the ALS Therapy Development Institute and together raised $40,000.

Among the NETT volunteers out on the course included Youngstah, Sister Mary, Crazy Dave, Doris, Frank, Tina and Nicholas, Paul Miller, Toledo Joe, Rod and I'm sure a few others I can't remember. ANd there were plenty of NETTers racing as well: Chris Smith (3rd), Marshall Randolph (9th), Adrienne Cyrulik (2nd female!), Katherine De Zutter (3rd female), Jim Dezutter and a host of new and old friends like Cecile, John Kinnee, Steve Peckinonis and a bunch of others we're forgetting. Heck, there was even a Sean "Hannan" out there.

All in all, it was a very good day for running, fundraising and hockey (Go Bruins!!).

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