Sunday, May 09, 2010

NETT Male Dominance at Sudbury Sprint Triathlon

The NETT male relay team of Nicholas, Dave and Frank battled the horrendous winds Sunday morning at the Sudbury Sprint Triathlon and took home relay gold in convincing style. With an overall time of 36:46 the team was light years ahead of all other teams. Here's Frank's report:

Since it was a pool swim, Nicholas luckily did not have to deal with the wind; if this had been an ocean swim the waves would have been 6-9ft! Nicholas continues to make big improvements in the water and chopped 15 seconds off from last year’s time in the 400m. His time of 5:17 was roughly the 25th best time out of almost 500 participants!

After a quick and cold transition (Nicholas had to run out of the pool into about 40 degree temps), I set out on the bike course. The bike course is fairly sheltered so the wind was not as big a factor as feared. But just 0.5 mile into the bike course, an elderly driver got nervous about the all the cyclists on the road and decided to stay behind a slow cyclists resulting in me being boxed in for 300 yards. Just bad luck and probably a loss of 15 seconds. In the end I ended up being a bit slower than last year.

Crazy was ready in T2 to unleash a massive attack on anyone still ahead of us on the course. He blasted through the 2.18 mile course in about 12 minutes – likely the fastest the run split of the day. We started as number 39 but thanks to Dave’s high cadence he crossed the line as the 10th person. Nice work.

Also racing were Big Al and his wife Judy. Despite being haunted by back pain recently, Big Al cranked out a great race and finished fifth in his category, 31st overall. Attaboy! Judy was immensely patient waiting for her start time in the pool and finished 12th in her category!

Finally special thanks to Tina for spending her mother's day morning cheering us on, giving Dave a guided tour of the run course, making sure we were all where we needed to be and taking pictures.

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