Sunday, July 08, 2012

Frank Manages to Not Swear His Way to the Podium at Middleboro

Earlier this year Middleboro introduced a ‘No Swearing Policy’ which Wendy from FIRM reminded everybody prior to the Old Colony race. Luckily the race takes place on quiet roads with little traffic so there were not any aggressive drivers to deal with (verbally). The race itself was a bit of a mixed bag for me with an okay swim, a good bike leg and a run leg where I bonked at mile 3 and found myself walking way too often. Oh well, s... happens! Whoops sorry I forgot the ‘no swearing policy’. But sometimes you are lucky enough that your competitors decide to not show up so despite ending up 23rd overall I took 3rd in my age-group. Barry Phelps took 3rd overall so in the awards ceremony I was 2nd in my age-group.

And Zoltan ended up taking 2nd overall – just a few ticks behind a guy who managed to catch him on the run. Results should be posted at soon.

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