Thursday, July 05, 2012

Brothers (and sisters) in Arms: Mini Ponies Storm Lincoln on Independence Day

An entire regiment of of NETT Mini Ponies made up of foot soldiers from Russia, Taiwan, Denmark, Virginia, and Pennsylvania was deployed to the streets of Lincoln on the 4th of July, producing a barrage of winning results. Here's the report from Commander Frank KJ.

"Although I've done this race many times, I have never written a report on this race but then again there has never been that many NETT runners present. It was raining all morning and still light rain during the race itself. Pleasant for the runners, probably not so much for the volunteers and spectators. Still more than 100 people showed up so apparently it is a tradition for many people.

Very local favorite Dmitry cruised to a solid first in the 4 Miler (3.85 miles) in a time of 22:03. He went out at a casual pace and I saw him pass the lead guys up Silver Hill like they were standing still. Mary ran a very speedy 25:49 good for 3rd overall and 1st in her age-group. Ever the mentor, Marshall was right on her heels 10 seconds back and of course won his age-group. Tina treated the run as a training run but still plenty good enough for 1st in her age-group with 28:31.

Emma and I signed up in stroller division race which we won; overall we took 3rd place in 14:28 (2.25 miles). The young kid ahead of us probably ran the first mile in 5:30 mile then faded quickly but still had enough energy to fend us off while attending his side stitch. I joked with him later in the day about how he kept looking over his shoulder for the last mile to see how fast we were approaching. In the end another successful day for NETT.

Afterward we watched the parade and had some burgers at the scouts' cookout. The drummer in the parade photo is Frank Row who many trail runners probably know from many trail races. He always run Lincoln 4th then quickly changes to play for his band 'The Nays' in the parade."


Frank said...

No Brits to chase this time

Doris said...

And Crazy Dave for the 15th year (give or take a few absences!) ran the Duxbury 4th of July race coming in 8th overall and 2nd person over 40. So when Dave first started running this years ago, this year's winner was barely in elementary school.

The REAL Doris said...

Dave, please stop logging in as "Doris" and tooting your own horn. It's really pathetic. You're a sad and tired old man. Accept it. I have.

Frank (yes me) said...

I am not reading this blog. I am not reading this blog. I am not reading this blog.

Mary said...

CrAzY DaVe talking himself up...seems to be happening A LOT lately. Geez...since when did Dave get such a Big Ego for such a little man?!?!?!

Nice running Mini Poinies!!