Friday, July 13, 2012

New NETT Rivalry Emerges at Marathon Sports 5 Miler

There's a new NETT rivalry...the M&M rivalry (Mary & Marshall). Here's Mary's report:

I first saw Marshall (far in front of me) at mile 1.5. I then proceeded to chased him down from mile 1.5 to mile 4. As I passed him I told him "Good Job You Crazy Old Man". However, when we got to the track for the last 300 meters, he hunted me down. Sprinted past me in the last hundred, I caught back up to him, but he ELBOWED me to finish one step ahead of me. Our times say he beat me by one second, but it was pretty instantaneous. We finished the 4.9miles (too many GPS's there all saying it was 4.9M) in 33:37 & 33:38 - full results are below.

I didn't start too fast (was toward the middle / back so it was really jammed up). Marshall said he wasn't going to sprint on the track, but said because it was me & because I called him a Crazy Old Man, his racing instinct kicked in.
NETT finished 5th in the "Mixed Team" competition. Karyn harped on Chris the entire time (calling him a traitor) as he had on a Somerville singlet while scoring for an NETT-organized team.
Great time had by all...

Also BIG congrats to Zack for his second place at the Corporate Challenge!! Wowsers!!

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Marshall said...

In my defense I think my elbow was fending off Mary's elbow (and her's is sharper). And to be fair, Mary lost about 20 or 30 seconds at the start (she has a long way to go to equal my start and finish line race "experience"... some would say "treachery"...) so she really beat me by a lot.