Monday, September 17, 2012

Frank KJ Gets a Boost at Dover Tri

Frank KJ is just packing in the multisport events before it gets too cold. Here's his latest report:

"It was another successful triathlon weekend for me. This time I did all 3 legs myself and the Dover-Sherborn Boosters triathlon. But luckily the combined time was only about half the time I spend on the bike at Firmman.

The swim took place in Farm pond - a tucked away little pond in Dover (then again everything seems tucked in Dover). It was a short 1/4 mile swim and I had good swim despite being clobbered so bad at the first buoy that I was out breath for about 30 seconds and barely moving forward. The bike leg winded its way through shaded bucolic (love it when I get a chance to use that word) roads in Dover and Sherborn with lots of rolling hills and some good headwind on the backside. My speed for the 14.3 miles was actually quite a bit slower than last week when I did 56 miles due to the hills and wind. But since I only passed people and nobody passed I was confident my bike split was pretty good. Coming out of T2 my legs surprisingly felt good. Surprising since I have only run a total 28 miles in the last 3 weeks - guess they were fresh. Similarly to the bike leg, the run leg is quite hilly but I felt strong the whole way and was passing people all the way to finish on the track at the high school. In the end I placed 5th overall just squeezing into the leader board - and 1st in my age-group.

Evelyn, who I know from the Minuteman swim club, Walden pond and cycling was there as well and funny enough she placed 5th overall for the women and 1st in her age-group. Nicely done Evelyn."

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Marshall said...

Yes, "bucolic" is Danish for "expensive in Dover."