Sunday, September 09, 2012

NETT goes 1-3-3 at Friends of Arlington 5K

Three NETTers took to the roads this weekend to shake off some rust at the Friends of Arlington 5K.

Zack Schwartz took the race wire-to-wire, setting a new course record in 15:39. After the race, Zack was mobbed by groupies, including a 11 (?) year old kid who knew more about Zack's race than Zack did. No word of a lie, the kid walks right up to Zack and said "You're Zack. You did great. You finished in 15:39, and that is 5 minute miles" and continued to talk with Zack about the race. It was really funny and Zack did a great job of encouraging the kid in his running as well.

Doris' goal for the race was to focus on pacing early on and her focus definitely paid off. She finished 3rd female master on the day in under 27 minutes. But the highlight for her was the Whole Foods swag at the post-race event. "I got a bag--you know these are a buck at the store--and a bottle of electrolyte water, a banana, a nice water bottle, some granola..."

Crazy Dave got outkicked for second and finished third overall (the more things change the more they stay the same) and top master in 17:22.

The race itself was a very nice event, raising money for a good cause (the Arlington Council on Aging). They had a lot of very nice extras including a Dixieland band, pizza and drinks, GREAT prizes (Dave and Zack both went home with gift certificates) and handmade medals for the top finishers in each group. Definitely a race we'd go back to.


Karyn said...

Nice job!

Frank said...

Fingers in cookie jar - nice job