Saturday, September 29, 2012

NETT sets its sights on Wayland

After a day of highs and lows at the GBTC XC Race last weekend, the NETT MiniPonies are regrouping and strategizing a plan for an all-out assault at the upcoming Wayland XC Festival next weekend.

The men's masters team lost a controversial battle to GBTC by a single point and will be looking to exact some revenge on someone at Wayland.

The MiniPonyettes produced what might have been our best women's team of all time at GBTC and finished second to the national-class GBTC women's team.

The Wayland race is always a favorite for NETT. We've had an overall men's winner there in 2007. In 2008 we had a third-place women's team and a fourth-place men's team. That's the year Tina implemented her very successful "women's bathroom line" recruiting technique. In 2009, both men and woment were third place.

The last couple years, however, we haven't fielded a team and it's time to gallop back into the results higher than ever.

Bold prediction: One of our two teams will win the team competition.


Karyn said...

Do the men have a full team? We're still one short for women...trying to put on the pressure!

Karyn said...

P.S. I just spent 5 minutes trying to correctly type in the word that proves I'm not a robot. I was starting to wonder myself!

NETT said...

I believe the men have a full tem. We'll start spreading rumors that there's a six-pack abs show after the race to get that last woman for you. I'll see if there's a way to adjust the comment settings.