Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ravenswood Trail Race: Another Day at the Races

Rain. Mud. Blood. Age group wins and prizes. Big support from the extended NETT family.
Yeah, it was another day at the races for the NETT Mini Ponies at the Ravenswood Trail Race on Sunday.

NETT had a number of folks running in the latest race in the North Shore Trail Race series (race results to come). Age group wins were collected by Chris Smith and Kristin Hall, but of course, that's nothing new. Congrats to both. Chris is actually close to (or may already be) tops in the 40-49 scoring for the series and cleaned up today, so to speak (he drew some blood).

And a wet, technical, tricky trail course? The smart money's always on Kristin in those conditions. Both won great prizes for their efforts.

In the "awww..cute" category NETT "power couples" Crazy Dave and Doris and Jack and Jenn mixed it up in the mud as well. Jack and brought his brother and Cool Footed Luke as well.

And Bob Segal turned his white socks to black but kept pace in the 50-59 age category as always (although he "handicapped" himself for this one by running Nipmuck Marathon a couple weeks ago!)

There was one NETT no-show, but when we saw the weather, none of can say it was a surprise (well, she IS consistent).

Kudos to Team Gloucestor, the host club. The race was really well organized and marked. The post-race ceremonies were great. There were tons of raffle prizes--both Jenn and Doris won prizes (Yodels and four pairs of socks--how awesome is that?). And for third-place age group finish, Crazy Dave won the "trails runner's survival kit" a bag with band-aids, tissues, and pain relievers).

And special thanks to the New England Running Co. in Beverly for supporting the race and series. Doris and Crazy Dave dropped by on the way home to pick up their prizes and the folks there were super friendly and the store's got a great selection of running clothes and shoes. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.


Karyn said...

Congratulations to the Intrepid (and muddy) runners of NETT. Great job!

Chris Smith said...

You forgot to mention the cupcakes and other baked goodies at the finish yummmm.

Mary said...

Nice running! Chris it's a well known fact that races you attend have lots of sugar at the end...why else would you run?