Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Molkie Conquers the Vermont 50

Our pal from NETT-South Dave Molk recently hit a major milestone as a trail runner, finishing his first 50 miler. As he does in all things, Molkie ran a smart race. Here’s his report:

"I enjoyed the Vermont 50 (hard not to as it's held in the 802, arguably the best state in the nation). After a really solid summer of training, I (true to form, it seems) tweaked something in my foot and so spent the weeks leading up to the race feeling fairly anxious about how things would hold up.

This race has relay options for both the 50 miler and the 50k as well as simultaneous mountain bike races on the same course. Fortunately for me, Emily of Dirty German fame decided to run the relay, so I had some good company during the first 12 miles on what was a rainy but mild morning. The bikes churned up most of the single track into mud, but the footing was decent for running and I kept a good pace. My foot acted up a bit around mile 20, so I spent most of the remaining 30 miles focusing on every foot plant and hoping that I wouldn't get a flare-up.

Not the best way to have the day go by, but every time I looked up and saw the countryside, I remembered why I chose this race as my first 50. All told, I went through about 18 gels, one and a half blisters, and a fairly chafed lower back from an REI pouch that I am no longer going to use. Why it worked fine on all the long runs of the summer and then rubbed with a vengeance the last two races is beyond me.

I took a really conservative approach to running it and was therefore able to have a much stronger second half, finishing around 8:44. I'm confident that I can lop significant time off of that the next go-round. Fantastic volunteers and exemplary course markings!"

Great job Molkie!


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Nicely done.

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