Thursday, November 22, 2012

All Hail the Turkey King and Queen

NETT took to the streets of Lexington on Thanksgiving and came away with a newly crowned Turkey King and Queen, and did a pretty good job of filling out the King's court as well, all for a great cause (besides offsetting the day's anticipated caloric intake).

Eric Vandendries and his daughter, 13-year-old Gabrielle took the overall men's and "women's" titles in the Steven T. Hill Stroke Foundation 5K, and won the honor of being crowned Turkey King and Turkey Queen for the day.

And NETT members really swept the ranks of the results. While official results aren't really available (it's that low-key of a race), NETT men took the top 4 spots and women several of the top spots. The list of NETTers running included:

Eric V
Crazy Dave
Frank KJ
Noah M-M

(How many NETTers can you spot in this pic?

And special thanks to our specators Doris (team photographer) and Martin.
It was the second year in a row that NETT has claimed the Turkey King crown. Last year, it was Frank KJ that was crowned as the fowl monarch.

The race funds all went to a very worthy cause. The family of stroke victim Steven Hill started the foundation to help with Steven's care after he suffered a stroke at age 33 in 2009. We had the honor of meeting Steven and his family at the race and they personally thanked NETT for showing up in force to support their cause.
To read more about the foundation and Steven's story, vist this site:
Life is like a monkey sometimes...sometimes you just gotta bring the bananas!


Frank said...

Great to see so many mini ponies and stellar performances. Maybe Emma will run solo next year so I can make an attempt reclaiming the Turkey King title

NETT said...

Who are we kidding? Gabrielle's going to beat us all next year!

Karyn said...

I don't know Frank -- I have photographic evidence that Emma beat you this year....