Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bob Stones the Cat and the Wang-KJs Battle the Battlegreen

As usual, there were some strong results from NETT runners this weekend on the trails and roads.

First off, big congrats to Bob Segal who finished his second trail marathon in about a month at the Stone Cat Trail Marathon. Here's his report:

"I left it all out on the course today and ran 4:41 at Stone Cat. I was shocked that I ran that fast after doing NipMuck in 5:51. I even beat a guy in my age group who has beaten me in every single other race in the North Shore trail series." Bob's secret to success? Protein! "At 2 hours, I drank a container of chocolate protein mix (21 grams of protein) that I added to my fuel belt. It seemed to help. I went out in 2:18 (with an extra mile) and came back in 2:23."

Congrats Bob. Best of luck in the end-of-series scoring! (See the North Shore Trail Series scoring here).

On Sunday, with some unexpected free time on their hands, the Wang-Kjaersgaards (Tina, Frank, and Emma) tackled the Genesis Battlegreen races. Tina, clearly razor sharp this weekend, took second overall in the 10K in 44:07. Wowsers!

Meanwhile Frank and Emma teamed up to take 12th overall in the 5K and third in the 40-49 age group in 20:05. (Emmma is clearly spent from pulling the load while her dad enjoyed the ride!)


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Frank said...

Nice job Bob.